Omni : Latin prefix meaning “all”, “everything”

Premises obligations and requirements are complex and require continuous attention from directors, managers, financial controllers, administrators, human resources, et al. Confusion usually reigns as to who is attending to what.

These demands can really burn up everyone’s attention, time, efforts and costs if not organised logically, methodically and efficiently. And most importantly, electronically and paperless.

So wouldn’t it be highly productive to be able to assign administration of this parcel of responsibilities as one homogenous aspect of a designated administrator’s role?

That is, a “go to” place for all premises issues. With a single, shareable electronic repository with all premises info?

The Omnifile solution is an electronic organiser, a knowledge management tool, a solution for managing business premises occupancy obligations. Backed up by professional online person-to-person advice on all aspects of premises occupancy.

Omnifile is cloud-based, accessed with your web browser.
No IT involvement required at your end.

It is a methodology that becomes your ‘one-stop-shop’ paperless control system for all aspects of business premises management. Its primary deliverable is an eCompendium for all content relating to business premises by means of templates, procedures and controls for compliance gap analysis, contractual obligations, condition checking and costs control.